Photocatalyst Action

What is Photocatalyst Action

The word photocatalysis is a composite word which is composed of two parts, “photo” and “catalysis”.
Catalysis is the process where a substance participates in modifying the rate of a chemical transformation of the reactants without being altered or consumed in the end. This substance is known as the catalyst which increases the rate of a reaction by reducing the activation energy.

Generally speaking, photocatalysis is a reaction which uses light to activate a substance which modifies the rate of a chemical reaction without being involved itself. And the photocatalyst is the substance which can modify the rate of chemical reaction using light irradiation.

How to work Mosquito Trapper with Electric Photo catalyst Action?

Any type of carbon Dioxide is attractive, even over a long distance. Mosquito trap has photocatalyst coating on the top of CCFL light. Photocatalyst reaction can produce a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide for increased effectiveness, you can try to put wine in the cap of plastic bottle and place the cap at the bottom of catch container, Small amount of carbon dioxide is released from the wine mixture into the air. This will increase the chances of attracting mosquitoes.